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A recent post by Jim Rutberg of Carmichael Training Systems said this, "Traditional aerobic base training needs to go the way of the dodo. Long, moderate intensity rides are fun and good to incorporate into training, but even if you’re a pro it is a fool’s errand to devote the winter to low-intensity training in the hopes of building a stronger aerobic base. For the rest of us who are time-crunched amateur racers and enthusiasts, traditional base training is a waste of time."

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If you are ready to make a change and see some real progress, please reach out to me to find out more about my Zone training program. My program is easy to understand but very challenging to follow, but if you can stick to the program for 8-12 weeks you will see double digit power increases. The Zone training program is great in the off season but equally as powerful to do mid season.

Email or text Scott Barnes for more information on the Zone training program.

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