Coaching Plans

Initial Power Assessment

Time to Complete: 2 hours

The Zone Based Training power assessment is our way of getting to know the athlete.  Prior to your session, you will fill out a profile assessment online.  On the day of the power assessement, you will come to the Zone performance lab to complete a zone test and a 20 minute FTP test.  This test is completed on your bike, but we will provide all other equipment needed, including a HR strap and Power Meter.  


The results from the two tests will be run through the Zone cycling regression model as well as compared against results from hundreds of other cyclists to provide us a good indication of your current fitness level as well as your current FTP power.  Zone will provide you an estimate of how much you can improve if you choose one of the Zone coaching plans.

$49.99 / Included with all coaching plans

Ultimate Coaching

Commitment Requirement: 6 Months

Our Ultimate coaching level is for the unique individual that demands the highest degree of expertise and customized service. Whether you are an athlete who must ensure a peak for the Nationals, or simply an individual willing to commit to all aspects of a dedicated training strategy, our Ultimate coaching level provides the most comprehensive coaching supervision available. Through weekly coaching conversations, athletes will benefit from in-depth power analysis, nutrition and recovery advice, racing strategies and a completely customized training regimen based on their physical adaptations.


Coaching will be available for pre and post race discussions, in person for specific events.  Athletes will occasionally be invited for personal training sessions with their Zone coach.  As part of the Ultimate coaching level, you will receive Zone's customized workouts through your Premium Training Peaks account and Trainer Road, which will be adjusted weekly, based on your race or travel schedule and regular coaching communications.


•  Zone will analyze up to 2 years of prior power files in our cycling analytics software

•  Premium Training Peaks account - unlimited changes to training schedule

•  Premium Trainer Road account - custom ZBT workouts available on Trainer Road

•  Power based training plan designed weekly

•  Daily communication with coach

•  Unlimited text and email correspondence

•  Power file analysis (weekly analysis and database tracking of all files in Training Peaks software)

•  Monthly FTP Testing at Zone's performance lab

•  Taper program for priority races

•  Customized racer warmup

•  Pre Race strategy discussions

•  Post Race analysis


$299.99 Per Month

Advanced Coaching

Commitment Required: 6 Months

Our Advanced coaching level is designed for the athlete that demands a high level of performance monitoring. Through monthly coaching conversations, athletes will benefit from routine power file monitoring, nutritional advice, racing strategies and a highly customized training regimen based on their physical adaptations.


Athletes will occasionally be invited for personal training sessions with their Zone coach.  As part of the Advanced coaching level, you will receive Zone's customized workouts through your Training Peaks account, which will be adjusted monthly based on your race or travel schedule and regular coaching communications.

• Training Peaks account, up to 3 changes to schedule per month
• Power based training plan designed weekly
• Weekly communications with coach
• Unlimited email correspondence
• Occasional personal training sessions with Zone coach

• Taper program for priority races

$199.99 Per Month

Zone Off Season Training Program

Commitment Required: 3 Months

Here at Zone, we have an off-season training program that we think will revolutionize the way people train in the off-season.  It's like no other off season training program you have ever completed.  It's been so succesful that we know your power will increase at least 10% if you are tough enough to stick with the program.


The Zone Training program is my most popular coaching program because we test every week and every athlete coached has seen double digit power increases in less than 12 weeks.  The power gains seen in the zone off-season training program will provide the framework to help you achiever your cycling goals.  You are provided with the framework for success with the Excel based templates that measures you based on 3 key milestones each week.  This is a self-coached program, you will key your information into the program after each ride and if you follow the framework you will be successful.


The Zone Training program is 8-12 weeks.  Some athletes continue to see power increases through week 12 and some taper off after 8 weeks.  Once we see the increases taper off, we will transition directly into the coaching package of your choice.


-  Premium Strava Account

-  24/7 access to your program via Dropbox

-  Weekly communications with coach

-  Unlimated email communications

-  Weekly Zone test analysis

-  Monthly FTP Testing at the Zone performance lab


$299.99 for 3 Months (requires a power meter, see Power Meter Rental)

Power Meter Rental

Commitment Required: 3 Months

I require a power meter for all of my programs.  If you don't have a power meter but you really want to get started, please ask me about my power meter rental program.  Depending on your current bike set-up, it is likely we have a power meter for you to rent for as long as you like.  Also, if you would like to rent-to-own a new power meter, we have that option available as well.  You can own one in as little as 6 months depending on the model.  At Zone Based Training, our exclusive power meter provider is Power Meter City.

If you are ready to purchase a power meter, ask about our Power Meter City discount for ZBT athletes.

$99 Per Month / $200 Security Deposit

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