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My passion for cycling and the Razorbacks is well known among those that know me, but what is most important is my faith and family.  I share my passions with my beautiful wife and three wonderful children.


I've has been racing bicycles for over 15 years and my love and dedication for the sport and my desire to help others obtain their goals is why I started Zone Based Training.  After helping a few of my cycling friends with their training, I realized that my methods of training were different than what's being taught anywhere else, and the results were mind boggling.


Most of Zone's cyclists have limited time to train, just like you.  We work one-on-one with each athlete to make sure they meet their cycling goals, while not sacrificing the other important aspects of life!


Zone based training is unlike anything you've ever used, and it has been developed and tested by me over many racing seasons.  If you are ready to increase your power by over 10% in just 8-12 weeks, please check out our customized coaching plans.


Cycling Achievements

     -  USA Cycling Level 3 Coach

     -  Cat 1 Road / Cat 1 Mtn 

     -  11 State Titles (Crit, RR, TT)

     -  Top 5 Crit Nationals




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